Jan Duchek, PhD, Director

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Dr. Duchek is an Associate Professor in the Dept of Psychology. Professor Duchek came to Washington University in 1985 where she served as the Project Coordinator for the Memory & Aging Project at the School of Medicine. In 1989, she joined the faculty at the Program in Occupational Therapy and then in 2003 joined the faculty in the Dept. of Psychology at the Danforth campus. Her research examines cognitive mechanisms that underlie the attention and memory deficits seen in both healthy aging and early stage Alzheimer’s disease. Professor Duchek and her colleagues are exploring how deficits in attentional control may serve as a prodromal marker for risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease in relation to various biomarkers (as measured by neuroimaging techniques, cerebral spinal fluid measures, and genetics) and lifestyle factors (e.g., personality, cognitive stimulation, exercise) that may modulate the brain-behavior relationships.

Professor Duchek teaches several courses, including Introductory Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Introduction to Mind Brain and Behavior. She also coordinates the second year Mind Brain Behavior Research experience. Professor Duchek has twice received the Outstanding Teaching Award in the Dept of Psychology.

BA in Psychology, University of Missouri-St. Louis

MA in Experimental Psychology, University of South Carolina

PhD in Experimental Psychology, University of South Carolina