Types of academic programs



The primary role of RPMs is to create a successful academic community of students in a University living environment. The RPM will facilitate workshops and work sessions, conduct individual mentoring sessions, hold office hours, and participate in the activities of the residential college. RPMs work in each of the eight residential colleges that house first-year students.  Feel free to utilize any RPM help hours regardless of where you live on the South 40.

Courses: Calculus (all levels), General Chemistry

When  & Where: Check our Calendar for Calculus, Calendar for General Chemistry

Meet the Calc RPMs: Visit the Calc RPM page to learn more about the team

Meet the Chem RPMs: Visit the Chem RPM page to learn more about the team



Academic Mentors hold walk-in mentoring sessions in The Learning Center and in other academic buildings. They facilitate course-specific, small-group study sessions and also provide individual mentoring sessions if needed. Visit our academic mentoring sessions to enhance your understanding of the course content and also to get general study tips from your experienced peers. Mentoring session is a great venue to work collaboratively with your peers.

For a list of courses that we cover and calendars for those mentoring sessions, please check our “Get help with your courses” page.


PLTL is a model of collaborative learning that supplements General Chemistry I and II and Calculus I, II and III. Groups of 6-8 students work together to solve problems, and groups are facilitated by a highly-trained PLTL Leader.

Visit our PLTL page for more information.


MCAT Prep Course:  Strategy course and review of science materials relevant for the MCAT

LSAT Prep Course:  Strategy course designed to demystify the LSAT exam

GRE Prep Course: Strategy course designed to help students with the revised General Test

These courses are fee-based and are exclusively for Washington University students and staff.

Please check the Graduate and Professional School Preparation page for more information.