Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This FAQ page has been updated, as of March 2020, to address commonly asked questions about distance learning and the skills-based and course-specific support available through The Learning Center. If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, reach out to The Learning Center at

General Questions

How will I “attend” class?

Some of your courses will continue to have “live” remote meetings (called synchronous class time) at their regularly scheduled times. Most courses that do this will utilize Zoom in Canvas. For more information, see Attending Classes Online using Zoom in Canvas.

Instead of or in addition to live meetings, some courses may provide access to pre-recorded lectures (asynchronous class time) or other pre-recorded content and make it accessible via Canvas.

How will I turn in assignments?

For many courses, assignments are already submitted via Canvas or other electronic means, meaning this part of the course will not change much. Make sure you stay up-to-date with instructors’ communications in case they notify the class of any changes to assignment due dates or procedures.

How will I take exams?

Many instructors are likely to administer exams via Canvas. Please be aware that instructors may use the following features available for Canvas exams:

  • Time limit
  • Locking your browser to remain on the exam until it is complete
  • Monitoring software that utilizes your webcam to detect potential cheating behavior

Your instructor should be clear about which features they are using for each exam and whether each exam is considered “open-book” or “closed-book”.

For more information, see Tips for Taking Tests in Canvas.

What should I do if I have questions about Canvas?

Please visit the MyCanvas Student Support page for 24/7 Canvas Support options and to view common issues and concerns.

How does the transition to online courses affect any accommodations I have?

Each instructor is responsible for the delivery of the course, assignments and exams for the remainder of the semester. Be aware of the changes and how that might affect your accommodations. Disability Resources staff are available to set up virtual meetings to discuss your situation; to request or modify your accommodations, reach out to the team through the appropriate email address below:

What should I do if don’t have access to the technologies used in class?

Email your instructor(s) to explain your situation. Ask them about alternative arrangements.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Remote Learning

What are some recommended best practices for effective remote learning?

Check out this infographic.

How do I structure and organize my work to be productive outside class hours?

Learning in an online class requires you to adapt new set of tools and strategies, we are glad you are exploring resources. Check out the academic skills resources here.

The Learning Center’s Academic Skills Peer Coaches hold virtual drop-in hours Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings via Zoom to help you structure your learning.

What should I do if I can’t find a place to focus and study?

We’d need to talk this one through. Call the Learning Center at 314-935-2066 or email

How The Learning Center Can Help

How do I get support in a course that I am struggling in?

Check out the list of courses supported by The Learning Center this semester.

Can I continue to use PLTL and RPM (drop-in mentoring) sessions?

Yes, Residential Peer Mentoring and drop in academic mentoring sessions will be held via Zoom. Please see here for updated schedules and Zoom links. You don’t need to log in to Canvas or have a Zoom account to use this support; simply click on the Zoom link provided in the session description and add your contact information to join the meeting.

How do I get support in a course if I can’t dial into the support programs or videoconference?

If you are enrolled in PLTL, contact your PLTL leader and the PLTL coordinator in the respective departments.

If you are not enrolled in PLTL and can’t attend any of the drop-in academic mentoring sessions, email your questions to the mentor(s) assigned to the course and/or email the Learning Center (

What should I do if I need support in a course that the Learning Center does not offer mentoring for?

  • Are there teaching assistants in the course? If there are, find out how they offer support.
  • How is the instructor offering office hours? Are you available during those hours and able to get help?
  • Use open access online resources
  • Connect with a peer
  • If you don’t have access to any of the above, call the Learning Center at 314-935-2066 or email