We support and enhance student’s academic transition as they develop skills/mindset to be independent learners inside and outside the classroom.   Our academic programs facilitate and encourage critical and reflective thinking, collaborative learning, student agency and academic mindset.

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Disability Resources has a new website

Disability Resources has moved to a new website at https://students.wustl.edu/disability-resources/.

TRIO has a new website

TRIO information is now available at https://students.wustl.edu/trio-program/

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ASK A STUDENT: Why Use Academic Mentoring?

“PLTL offers harder questions on lecture topics and helped me gain a deeper conceptual understanding of chemistry.”
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Our office is open for business, Monday – Friday, from 8:30am-5:00pm. You can find us in Gregg Hall, the first building on the South 40, beyond the overpass and the very first door you see. If you’re planning to visit, please try to schedule ahead with the staff member you’d like to meet.

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Tips from Our Academic Mentors

What are some tried-and-true ways you can set yourself up for academic success? Ask the experts—our student mentors!

First of all: Use your calendar diligently: schedule EVERYTHING including classes, resources, work, exams, papers, meals, friends/family time, sleep and also FUN!

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